"Dr. JaNee' challenged me and encouraged me to explore some areas of my life that had intentionally gone unexplored..."

I am always inspired by your words and your stories every time I hear you speak! You have an amazing gift that is greatly needed amongst women today. Keep up the awesome work!"

- Stephanie Wilkerson, Sweet Kreations www.sweet-kreations.com

Before working with Dr. JaNee’, I was in a hiding place and was not really walking in my purpose fully. Dr. JaNee’ has really helped me to come from out of my hiding place and fulfill my purpose. I know what I was called to do, but fear has always held me back. I am able to do so much more now. Thanks so much!

- Senique Cannon, Fitness Coach www.coachsenique.wordpress.com

Being apart of Dr. JaNee class was very refreshing. I was going through the most with my emotions and unsure of my decision making. So I was welcome back to Strive 2 Thrive. 

At my lowest I was blessed to meet Ms. JaNee who gave me the Hope I knew I had and the Faith that was fading. She help me understand that life is what you make it. You have Big Dreams go get it. Study it, get close to it and be before you know it progress shows itself. You have to breath, eat, and sleep it. I'm months in after her sessions and still Thriving. My Hope is Stronger and my Faith Shines like no other. Thank you for saving my greatness.

- Shanika Owens

“In such a short period of time, Dr. JaNee’ has given me such insight and the encouragement to spring forward." 

- Alexis Pickett

As a small business owner, there are times when one has to sit back and evaluate their progress in both life and business to ensure that things are on the right track in an effort to guarantee continued success.  During the latter part of 2015, I was beginning to feel like things were "ok" however I felt like I wasn't reaching my greatest potential and things had plateaued for me.  Just the mere thought of settling for comfort, scares me.      

So at a "chance" meeting during a networking event, I was introduced to Dr. JaNee' and was immediately drawn to her radiant and positive personality.    I then decided at that moment, I've got to have her in my circle.  At the time, I didn't know of her coaching services but I just knew that there was something about her and that I wanted to be around and learn from her.

A few weeks after our first introduction we met and I had a chance to speak to her about my business and things going on in my life.  We then discussed life coaching/mentoring and how it changed her life and I asked who she would recommend.  She gave me a few names and I casually viewed some of their social media pages to get a feel for them.  However, even after doing so, I wasn't drawn to any of them like I was to her.  After really thinking about things, I realized that I "couldn't see the forest for the trees", lol.  Dr. JaNee' was who I was supposed to connect with from the very start and I then called and asked her would she be my coach.  From that day forward, my life has changed. 

Starting on Day 1 of our sessions, Dr. JaNee' challenged me and encouraged me to explore some areas of my life that had intentionally gone unexplored and I realized how those things were manifesting themselves in day-to-day situations.  Since working with her, I have revived my confidence in doing what I do every day and I now have a renewed sense of self-worth.  Dr. JaNee' has helped me to set new goals and holds me accountable every step of the way.  

As I look back over my progress, I know that our meeting was nothing about "chance" but more about "divine opportunities".  I'm so grateful that I have the support of Dr. JaNee' and our meeting came at a pivotal point in my life.  I highly recommend Dr. JaNee's coaching services especially if you're ready to take things to the next level in an effort to reach your fullest potential.

- RaShaunda “The Realtor” Muldrow Norman and Norman Realty